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What famous Pinup are you?

You are Maryiln Monroe

A classic tortured beauty
You’re the dream girl of many men
Yet they never seem to treat you right

What Famous Pinup Are You?


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As promised..

Been busy with my book and my scrapping ehe!And my maid is on holiday for another one another half month.I have few house work.Erh!Well it pushes me tho.(Good thin, atleast i will learn)
While i was having my reflexology at Healing Touch.They serve me with Chinese tea and Bubur Read Bean.Not too bad for a price $25.




Hehehehe!This is my view while my back been scrub.


Definately not my feet.Hehe!

Whose are these?


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Love listenin to…





I love these two men music.They soothe my mind, relax and makes me happy!These classic famous people really inspire me…..



I love their style….!Arnt they fabulous…



I really love these pictures.They inspire me.Thier style and colours.:D

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Poor Service

I went to a fast food restaurant @mall tis evening.Taking away fast food meal back home.I requested for thigh part.When i confirm after my order,

Me: Its thigh part kan?(aku plg mengconfirm kan)

she just noded without saying thank you.

When i get back home, i was surprise it was breast and drumstick.with no stiencils.And to my surprise, my cheezey wedges is lack of cheese and mayonise.Its alike one tea spoon splat on it!

Arrghhh!! Sasak.Im not ordering anymore there.

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Lunchin’ Out again

Went to RBC for lunch today.The place is alrite after renovation not preety bad,was ok, i guess coz i feel stuffy…I still prefer thier environment before.

Then i left to Muatiara Ballroom at Sheraton.I was surprise that they are people who asked why im not joining the HongKong Superstar competition.Hmmm… I never expect there would be people out there who support me all this while.Really nice of them.Pikir nada orang support aku ani…. hehehe.

Attended zikir function at my cousin.A celebration of 3 months old, Baby Farah.She is cute indeed.I wanted to scrap just now but macam malas jua. My novels are waiting for me too.:)

Maybe updating the pictures by tommorow.Enjoy your Weekends…!

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Shop Till Drop

I was suppose to sleep and rest the whole day in my bed due to flu and fever.Instead of recovering my health, I went out jalan jalan the whole day.

After clinic, i suppose to drive back at home but then I went to the tailor for measurement.Then,when to Healing Touch for 50 min foot massage.

Waited E at Matahari for body scrub.E didnt like it so we head to Zen Spa.I guess First Impression matters the most.I tried the Javanese Lulur Scrub.Was ok atleast my skin feels more softer.But what i love the most if the foot scrub B$15!!!!And the result is so great… I in love my feet now!!!so smooth!!I can run here and there.hehehehe!Another good thing they serve juice.Nyaman!hehehe

After that we went to mall, my tummy started to grumbing already.Went to collect my new accesories at OB.Got myself Celine Dion’s parfume.Not forgetting to Shabby’s as their new stock just arrive last 2 days.

I had Grilled Salmon from Manjaro.Surprisingly, the waitress stopped me when i was on my way to the loo asking my name and number.Heheheh.Macam celebrity kami ah.Hehhe.The food was ok, i expect for more but then its just alrite.

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Weekends coming!!

Yeay!!Its coming weekend again.I just love around this so looking forward to it. Bought myself a book from Marian Keyes.I havent finish with my Mitch Albom’s book yet.I have been scrapping since early this week.


Yeay!Tomorrow off!!I love taking offs on Fridays.Maybe ill go for a body scrub in the morning.Few things to be consider

  • Get new pattern papers
  • Get my glasses
  • A great body massage(to be consider)
  • A movie to watch
  • Groceries stuff to shop.

E brings me out last nite.Nya stress keraja.Hehehhe.Well its alrite to accompany jalan jalan and joke around.Maybe i wanna consider another book.hahaha.

I just realise i love alot of things now a days.Is these alot?

  • Scrapping
  • Flipping Magazines
  • Reading Books
  • Religious books a must to consider.
  • Toddlers
  • Movies
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Make-ups
  • Surfing the Websites
  • Food
  • Inspired byart and colours (is it a hobby?ehe!)
  • Shopping(on certain things.ehe!Banarrr!)
  • Cruzzing
  • Physical treatments
  • Singing(I forgot about this.ehe!)
  • Room organisation
  • Trying out recipes

Ok maybe i should stop jotting down at the moment 😀

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