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Nicole Richie is still pregnant


I cant believe she is pregnant and she tought it would help her stay out of jail?
Her include heroin and driving down the highway the wrong way.
Narvotics are cornerstones of childhood development.


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Lindsay Lohan is getting out


Although she was found with drugs and a married man’s penis inside her in a Cirque Lodge bathroom, Lindsay Lohan is apparently cured and will be leaving rehab this weekend. New York Daily News reports:

Lohan has been staying at the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah, since the first weekend in August. She was infamously carrying cocaine in her pocket during a July DUI bust, and later tested positive for the drug. Asked where she was headed on her release, the pal responded, “I don’t think she knows yet.”

The “I don’t think she knows yet” really means “I don’t think she’s decided yet,” because if you think Lindsay Lohan is magically rehabilitated and planning to volunteer at homeless shelters or minister to death row inmates, you’re an idiot. Sorry. Because the only list Lindsay is making is of the places that have alcohol, cocaine, and cocks. Or any variation of the three. So, there’s a good chance she could end up at Pure. There’s also a good chance she could end up at the bus station.

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Jessica Biel Might Be Wonder Woman


Jessica Biel is curently in negotiations to play Wonder Woman in Warner Bros.’ upcoming mega-budget superhero movie, Justice League of America. If a deal is reached, Biel will be the first member of a cast that will include the remaining original six: Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter.

Potential deal marks the first piece of casting to emerge from the DC Comics-based ensemble project, which is expected to feature Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman in addition to Wonder Woman. George Miller boarded the bigscreen adaptation last week as helmer.”

It’s already been announced that Christian Bale and Brandon Routh will not be part of the production and it is widely rumored that the film will be shot as motion capture, so this movie is probably gonna suck. Whatever. This was just an excuse for us to post pictures of Jessica Biel’s ass. Sorry if that offends you, dude. You can go ahead and log off. I wouldn’t want you to miss Oprah.


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Am i pretty or not pretty?

Alhamdullilah.Im getting over there.

For being strong.Smile as happy as i can be.Alhamdullilah.

Believe it or not. I asked few of my collegaues , if i am pretty?

3 says”Yea”.”You are pretty”.

I reply “Even tho, im fat?”

One would say ” Who cares?You still are”(Fine enuff with me)

Another would say ” I wont say your fat”( aww really?:D hehe)

One said” You are sweet”

I said ” Its my looks?or just me?”(nda mau mau aku ah)

He said “Its who you are”

I was happy hearing these good news, then i realise it doesnt matter how pretty we are or how you look like.

Its who you are.

Its the inner of you which makes interesting.

The way you smile .

The way you treat others.

The way you are….

So if a guy left me coz im not pretty.Its his LOST!

We maybe sad of broken hearted and be lonely.

But arnt your grateful of what you have around you?

You still have siblings/ friends to joke with.

You still can smile to others.

You still can be cheerful as you always are.:)

Love, E.F.

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Lazy days.

Its’s been a while i havnt update blog,apologies.Im just lazy now adays.Alot of things happen during the week.Function, work, family.Its 2 weeks of puasa  now, shish it is fast.

No mood to jalan jalan .Road will be pack, traffic jams will be here and there.

Hmmm..?Thinking of aending Hari Raya cards to everyone that i know including “so-called ” friends.Well its time to forgive and forget rite?I hardly forget but lets change it this year.

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Last nite, my sisters and me were playing “badils” (fire crackers).Well, i didnt play, i was just watching them.Hehehe too chicken to light it up.har har har.

My pics wont be so nice, i was suppose to pictures but it turns out that im running here and there when ever it light up.he he he he.

So i only took the small yang loyas ones he he he.The beautiful ones i just couldnt able to catch it.Not that pro yet.


My younger sister pun sama jua macam me…Mengambar sudah kan happening lari lumpat lumpat ha ha ha


As i am penakut as well, so we are only able to gambar far away.he he he



So few of us end up with those conversative fire crackers. ehe!



But the most among of all… saya lah jua yang penakut he he he.

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Scrap Layout

A layout that i made last week for the SC ‘s 1st online challenge its alrite not to win.The only person who i am challeging is just myself.hehehe.I still keep my layout so nothing to lose 🙂


The main layout.


Closer look at upper left bit



LO 4

Upper right half..

Its alrite to lose.Its part of the game 🙂 As Vince AF1 said ” Tiada Pengalah” hehehe.

Happy Scrapping everyone!!!

Love, E.F.

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