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Alhamdullilah.I receive an answer from him afternoon.Whatever it is i will accept this as what i said earlier on.

And now i am accepting this with open heart.
All this while I always tried to hold in back and be strong.But right after i walked to my car this evening, i burst into tears while i drive back home after meeting my cuz in Sg Hanching..

I know i am not perfect and i dunt know where went wrong.But i know he is a good guy.And yes again im not so nice.I hope he will find a good woman for him indeed,to be loved and will be loved by him.Amin!

As per today,31 December 07.The last day of the year, i will delete all my memories with him.Including pictures ,numbers, everything…that would remind me even just alil bit of him.

I will get over this as soon as i can.I will occupied my mind with different kinda of things.These will be still difficult and not be easy.Espeacially when im alone.But i need to move on and give it try.

I will face this 2008 without turning back my black shadow.

May Allah bless all of us.

Goodbye sweet memories.

And may 2008 will be a prosperous year for all of us.


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Ya Allah.

Ya Allah,What went wrong?We were a good couple.But there is no reply since 2 weeks go.I still keep thinking why.

Did i make him really pissed which makes him mad until now.Is it because i ask him to attend to my small gathering even after he watched a big footie match dat evening with his friends.Did i talk to him rudely?Did i msg him sarcasticly?Is it because im getting fat?

Dont i have the right to have the his quality time during my small gathering.Is he happier without me?Is he happier with some other lady?I have sleepless night.I cried alone.I wanted to talk to my friends.But I always hold it back when people ask me why im sad.

Arnt relationship meant to understand each other better and or maybe give and take.I am all happy with him.Regardsless there is a bit hiccups.Things were normally alright after that but i dont know why not now. But i will accept whatever it is.

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SPA treatment is great!

It was chaos today.But we did manage getting a good breakfast.And i manage when to the SPA only in the afternoon.

3 hours of body treatment.More than my expectation.hehehe.Too bad i didnt bring my camera with me.

It takes my stress level away.Well, it didnt solve my problems but then it again, it helps me to relax now.Well atleast i wouldnt think so much about it, it will just add my wrinkles hehehe.

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Im am back………..!!!


After having so much busy with life, work and relationship.(or maybe end up being hurt)(har har har).I decided to come back in writing back here.

I have so much things to share like benefits of surah…. It wouldnt be today, but soon!

But tomorrow, im heading for breakfast with my sister.Then, pampering myself time!!!!!

I cant wait for it!3 hoursss!!!yuuhuuu!

hehehe.Im not that loud in real.hehhee.

A meeting with my fren after that.A birthday party to attend in the late afternoon.

Its end of the year now.2007 has been a good year to me.2008, here i come.( but i am looking forward more to New year Hijrah hehehe)

2008..My new resolution is(are)heheh…..to occupy myself with alot of things,attend new courses,be healthier.

Ok… im off to attend “makan aul” now.Sorry cuzzy, i wouldnt attend your show tonite.But i know you always sing good.




Lating Panda

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Happy 25th Belated Birthday to Lating Panda

Hehehee.I know i have been update my blog yet almost to a month.I have been busy with my books,scrapping class, shopping and was sick.

I have been invited to sing for a big event coming this January 08.hehehe.*Hush*Hush*  I am nervous about it but then i hope ill get used to the environtment.Its just less than 50 people, and my nervous really made me lost on stage while practise.

Yesterday was my birthday.A year older a year wiser.I invited 15 of my frens , and yeay!!only 7 of them turn up.Awww Wow! that is really impressive!!!

But then i had a great nite too.Thanks to my frens and family came in, it really touch me.:)

Insya Allah.Ill be posting pictures again more soon and posts heheh.For now…. Let me deal with my nails and my scrapping.

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