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Busy day.

Its was so busy in the office.The phone cant just stop ringing.I was so tired and sleepy.But i manage myself to start for a dance class in one of the fitness club.

It was alrite, but the instructor kinda siuk sendiri abit.I dunt know, lets see after  month.If i enjoy it, i shall continue if not.I shall find another fitness club to enjoy myself .

A friend of mine told myself, that i should upgrade myself.Ehe!Rupanya saya ani kurang lawa,ehe.Which he is true.When i walk in to the gym this evening.Gosh!I have a big ass!Macam buleh d buatkan ayam panggang.ehe!

So yeah..I ll consider on this.

Guess what?I watched “Cuci”…It is actually a good movie.Not typical malay movie .I  hardly compliment on malay movies.But this time,its is actually a good movie.


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Bad day, Yesterday.


I am given MC again today.I went to see the doctor last nite,i only able to meet her after an hour(and after making a lil bit fuss at the counter reception.hehehe.)

I coudnt stop sneezing the whole day yesterday.Heheh i might spread the diseases to my colleagues.I didnt wana go home earlier coz i didnt wana miss a dinner at Polo last nite.But things going worse, encounter like 3 problems yesterday.One even wants to complaint to the CEO, ganya charge $10 pun kan complaint to the CEO.

EO saja di MS.Tapi nda jaga reputation.He is non local anyway.He was shouting, yelling at me, like it is my fault.He choose to yell and not listening to my explaination after i had ask him few question.

Like im the one who process his things, earlier on.Please lah, We are giving u services, we are still human too.If we are not capable to handle ur complaints why are we being employed here.If you just wana torture us or even to threaten us by complaining to the CEO.Go ahead, i bet even the CEO will pass us back your issue.
Coz i know he believes we can handle it with care.And do u think we will got fired because of system fault?I thought your an EO in MS.How in the earth, a best institution employing an EO who cant take care of his own reputation.

Where was i?Aw yeah, i wanted to head of early in the afternoon but there was briefing going on int he afternoon.So i cudnt leave.

I cancel of going all the the way to Jerudong.Its alrite,maybe not my rezeki.

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Protected: I need to change.

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I am going through.

Astagafirullah,I have been crying on alternate hours.Im not feeling well, i have bad flu.

Maybe, due to not eating on proper time and having sleepless nite.

I shouldnt be like this.

I already bring myself out for a pool game,video games and even hanging out with my sister. I had fun in the afternoon.

But after taking my nap in the evening, when im lonely again. It reminds me of him again.

Aw well,It is difficult going tru this.but then i read this,Maybe its useful enuff for me.:)

New Year’s dating resolutions
By Margot Carmichael Lester
Thinking about how to supercharge your dating in 2008? We asked singles from around the country to tell us what they’re resolving to do to meet their match next year.

Laugh it up
I think a great resolution I made was triggered by a breakup. The guy I dated didn’t have a great sense of humor. so my dating resolution going forward is, “Only date guys who make me laugh.”
– Jessica Hayward, San Francisco

You’ve got to be in it to win it
I’m resolving to get over being afraid of rejection. Yeah, it hurts to be turned down. But after all this time, I think it’s worse to not even try. Besides, I’m moving to a new town, so maybe my luck will change.
– Marco Sullivanetti, Seattle

The too-picky problem
I resolve to stop being so judgmental. I have really high standards, and I don’t like to compromise. But I think I’ve been too quick to disqualify men who might actually be possibilities.
– Danitra Fearrington, Atlanta

Say yes!
My New Year’s Resolution? That my year is going to be the year of the “YES!” As in, I won’t turn down any dates, because you never can tell based only on first impressions. Unless they clearly have an obvious drug problem, piercings everywhere and seem completely brain dead at first glance.
– Lauren Bishop, Denver

Give it time
I’m going to make more time for dating. I’ve been focusing on my career for the last few years. Now it’s time for love!
– Karrie Eldred, Charleston, SC

Take it slow
I always fall too fast and end up getting obsessive and scaring off my dates. So this coming year, I’m going to try to hold in my feelings a little longer. My mantra: I’m worth the wait.
– Lani Lynnwood, Miami

Kick back a bit
My New Year’s resolution? Stop trying so hard. I’m a pleaser in the extreme. I just want ladies to be happy. I invest way too much effort. So now I’m going to try to relax. Not work so hard at making her happy and see if she can be happy with just me.
– Jude Michaelson, New York

Get in the game
I’m going to break down and join my church’s singles ministry. It’s always felt desperate to me—all those people saying, “Look at me! I’m available.” But two friends of mine have met great women this way, so I think it’s time to get over it.
– Thom Hiller, Omaha

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