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Craving And Cold

I have benn craving for  desserts, not just that but Ayam penyet, Soto,Chicken Chop, Honey chicken, Toasts, Nachos well… mostly almost to everything….

Anyway, the pool was so cold  yesterday.It really freeze me up.And i have to get immune with the temperature of the pool after 25 mins.Gosh its was cold.So was today.It was really really cold.The rain didnt stop,it just keep on coming till afternoon.

Seriously it was so cold, that my nails turn to blue.I planned to go to the gym this evening.But i turn to get lazy and sleepy in the afternoon.So i cancelled it off.

I hope it wont rain tomorow so i got the chance to swim.


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I have been strong enuff with faith.And for all this year, with faith in myself..I have been blessed meeting up good guys which in the end still broke my heart sooner or later.

I have been out meeting my gurls lately most of the time.At the end of our conversation, made me thinks that i wana do more things in this world.Flying off here and there.Healthy activities, those kinda of things.

And at the same time,my heart is switching to an old path again.A gurl who used to club so much and do other non meaningful things.But, Would a nice guy attratced to a gurl who clubs and do other such unmeaningful things.

They say, Love is Blind.But I always believe, Good ladies will be match with Good Guys.Thats what Allah promised.

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I read some one’s blog yeah mostly how passion he is about love.I agree to what most of what he said.Even i would tell myself not to get involve with anyone…and yes things can be out of control.

I agree with him as well when he mention “I wana do things that are to be mine”.Why wud i wana do things are not meant to be mine in the end.

I maybe “be” ready to be involve in any kinda situation,but will that person would do the same sacrifice like what i did for happiness?
whenever im falling out of love.. i would tell myself not to get involve with anyone in a period of time.

Am i brokenhearted?Well, i am far over it, i guess.Its just that facing this loneliness woudnt be so easy as as it was.When ever your in relationship your are accompanied by someone who would cherish you.

I am not practically dating anyone.But getting to know sumone knew, is… i dunt know.. the last relationship made me lost self confidence.What makes me think it will work this time.

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Im feelin’…

I had a swim this afternoon.Pool close early today, i shud have gone earlier.I just come back from Tahlil rumah aunty yam.I had nasi kebuli, lemon chicken , and 2 pcs of meat.

Going to S’s house tommorow for CNY.I dunt think i can go for swim tommorow.Im feeling lonely..or maybe emotional.Gosh…!This is suck, i guess i just miss to be manja.

Ill go to bed.This feeling sucks!

Happy Friday!

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Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Chinese New year!My chinese colleagues went back home earlier than the muslims yesterday.The day was so slow and I was so looking forward to go back home.But then i  have to accompany my mum shopping , after this and that.

So i only got to swim by 6 ish.After finish by isya, i had nasi bungkus mama and few sticks of satay.hehehe.Canakan diet kan tu?hehehe

I went to bed ay 10 ish and woke up at 7. Wow.That is my 1st time having  9 hours of sleep.I wanted to go for jogging after subuh, luckily it was raining hehhehehe.

Aw well,its coming to Mid Feb now.Mum will be retiring soon. And still all of her angels are still singles.I feel bad for my parents sometimes hehehe.Kesian, belum ada grandchildren.I dunt think ill be giving one the next 2 years heheh.

Anyway, i hope the rains go away today.Im planning for a swim today.after 9 lah can rain.hehe

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Today was far far busy than yesterday.Gosh.My phone just wont stop ringing.People was so busy about the free dish.Which cost very very veryyyyyy costly.Well, if am chinese , i wudnt  miss the chance to get it free too.ehehe

And today,i went for a swim again.It was alrite….Atleast my stamina is better then the other day.I shud do 2 laps non stop next time.ehehehe if i could. Maybei shud swim again tomorow.Insya Allah.

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Too Hyper

I went for a swimming with my cuzzies yesterday afternoon.It was so fun.The last time i went swimming was what, 4 to 5 yrs ago.hahahah.And yesterday, the 1st lap makes me so “kapus-kapus”.Gosh!i seriously lost my stamina.So i swam as much as i can.

In the evening, my body muscles was so aching. But i thought after i am all exhausted from the activity, i wud had a good nite sleep.But then, i cudnt sleep till 1 15 and i woke up at 5 ish.

I thought of going for another swim this evening or maybe a jog.But then, i only finish 6 30 tody.So if i wana go for swim i might only start at 7 ish and the pool close at 8.

So its so alang alang to go.Maybe ill go tomorow evening with my colleagues.

Work was alrite.The boss wana have a meeting with me,she said that im good at few things and bad in few things.I dunt know when she wana do the meeting.I hope not this week.Its time for me to go to bed now.


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