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What Scrapbooking item are you?

My results….

You are Fibers!
Fun and crazy at times. You are a warm fuzzy kind of person. You run around getting things done but still find time for fun! You have so many diverse interests that it is often hard to pin you down to any one thing. People love your friendly attitude and carefree ways. You often brighten other people’s days. But Fibers Beware – Sometimes people don’t take you seriously because of your happy-go-lucky ways. Sometimes you find yourself feeling left out from decision making that could directly affect you. Even though you like to be happy and cheerful, make sure others know that you can also be serious and in tune with reality.


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As i promise….

Here are 3 of my layouts.I have been meaning to post my Layouts but its difficult to find time during Ramadhan.I made this two for WIR Sept Challenge.This challenge is very difficult for me,it took me more that one day to complete the layout.Im so confuse on what to put for the embellishment.

This 2nd layout, it took me almost 2 days to complete.I was so kusut at 1st, i made a mistake by choosing that pattern paper, it was difficult for me how to design with the paper.Yea…I was so eager to join the challenge as it involve few of my fav colours.hehehe.Padan muka saya.

And this 3rd layout is easiet for me, its a sketch no 11 form Valerie blog

Enjoy at the mean time…Ill be posting more soon…Hehhe…

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Stay Tuned…..

Hey Readers….

I might be posting 2 of my layouts tomorrow…

And Ill be posting maybe 20 of my layouts for this month.
Did you just read 20?
Yes 20!!!
That is the reason why i havnt been posting any of my creations yet.

So…Stay Tuned… It might just be one of this days….Hehehe.

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My First Visit to Scrapbook Delights(Brunei)

Finally i met Jazz, one of our local talented scrapper.From her first few messages, it already proves me that she is a friendly,warm and welcoming person.And she really is :).

I met her youngest sweet bubbly daughter too.I didnt got the chance to talk to her so much but im sure if i did she will never bores me hehehe…

When i entered her living I was surprised, i cant believe there varieties of scrap supplies available there.Which i hardly find it in Brunei.I didnt got the chance to see everything but i already spotted few of my fav brands there like Prima and Heidi Swapp.And other different things, my first experience is really deligtful hehehe..

And Jazz is very kind to show me her “Pop-Up album”, she is so genius.Even i flip her mini album very fast, but i can see her handwork are very smart and nice.

I had to leave early last nite as i need to go somewhere after that.But i do wana visit there again. 🙂

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True Life Story.

First,apologies for my improper link information on my previous blog.Thanks to my fren,Alin for letting me know. 😀 Your great!

Alieda is her name.It really touch me more when i get the updated infomation.

The last blog was posted by her husband.She left her 2 beautiful toodlers and a husband on 12 September 08, Friday morning. Sadly for Bella her daugther aged 3, who just celebrated her birthday on 17 August with her mom and friends. And i dont think she would understand whats going on now.

Try to read her blog dated 6th August 2008
It is so meaningful to me, i hope it will to you.

Judy, a friend of Alieda is putting together a scrapbook of memories for Alieda’s family.I think this is extremely a wonderful idea to be treasured not just her family but her friends.For more info, click here —> Studio Calico readers

Her husband has sent an email to her readers in this forum posted by Alieda’s cousin, ilmr82 Posted: Sat, Sep 13 2008 at 05:55AM.

Again, my sympathies to her family.

Now, do you guys think scrapbooking is just a hobby and waste our money?You decide.But this wonderful true story showed me, it is just not a hobby, but love,friendship,collection of beautiful momories and tells our children,granchildren and even reminding ourselves, who we really are now.

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“I heart your blog.”

Thanks to Alin and Maya for nominating my blog in thier list. Im so delighted, they always makes me feel good and comfortable.Thank you very much to both of you.:)

Now, i need to follow the rules of this Award:

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

(4) Put links of those on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

And the award goes to ….

1)Scrappin Sisters



4)She Babe



7)World of Yu’er

Thats all for now.Enjoy your weekend!

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Condolence to one of our talented scrapper.

Its so sad knowing some one’s friend passed away, who is known as a famous scrapper.

Looking at her creations, it is so meaningful.She scrap about herself and her beautiful moments with her loved ones.

Now, she has left the reality world.Im sure all her creations will be remembered by her dear family and friends.All those amazing LOs will always be treasured, especially her beautiful sweet daugther.

I do realise(some scrappers like myself) we do mess up clutters are all over our desk or even on the floor.We, scrapperholics do spend alot of money for all those eye candy fancy items and even useful tools, not forgetting storage and organisations.

But when a creative scrapper gets old who tends to forgot almost everything thats when a journal becomes very handy on your LO.Or even when a scrapper left the world, i assure even after 10 yrs or 20 years if all of her creations are kept in a safe place. Those beautiful moments where she had collected and designed it beautifully, will always be remembered by her generations, who she really is.

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