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What happen to Lating Panda?

Apologies for no updates lately…I hardly visit my blog now adays…I was so tired from work and so much things to catch up.I havent been scrapping.The last time went was when i wanted to create somting for WIC focusing on tearing and painting.its 90% done but im just so lazy to continue it.I bought few flowers from SC.But it is still unopened yet till today.

I was wondering lately if i should just quit from scrapping.
Did your eyes blink?

Yes, i said that.I dont know.I have lost my passion towards it.It takes up so much of my time and spending towards scrapping would be endlessly.heh!We know that.hehehe.

I still have alot of papers and stickers and few of tools which I havnt maximise yet.And i find alot of fun people which becomes not just as a scrapping fren but more to it…And i really appreciate this, i dunt feel like slipping this beatiful things away from me….

I still have my books which is unopened yet too.

And DVDs that i have not watch.hhehee.

Im looking on other things lately which i should have been settling it in my past time….
I dunt know maybe just my “seasonal” mood.

Lets see, whats gonna happen next.


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“Laksa Babu”

Alhamdullilah.Ever since we promote our laksa during Hari Raya.Order by orders has come in slowly for her tasteful laksa espeacially from family and friends.

“Babu” is also wellknown for her good baking and cooking for the past 25 years.Every year she never fails to fulfilled her loyal customers request.RTB has invited her couple of times through to share her secret not just baking recipies but also in cooking through our local radio.

Today a colleague of mine, heard “Laksa Babu” was good and she didnt got the chance to taste for herself the other day.So she ordered from myself 30 packs for lunch today.After trying out the laksa during lunch hour, Alhamdullilah.she immediately ordered another 30 packs and i was surprise she made the full payment in advance to secure for dinner as she will be celebrating her hubby’s birthday tonite.

At the same time,another colleague tried today as well.Alhamdullilah,Allah hu Akhbar.She gives a positive impression on it and immediately ordered 30 packs for a small family function by end of this month.As she is willingly to make the full payment in advance,I talk over with her that it is ok to make 50% deposit first as it is 2 weeks upfront.

And Alhamdullilah,SubhannAllah at this same days well, a different colleague of mine is ordering “Nasi Babu”(i called 🙂 ) of 20 packs.She heard from her colleagues from different dept that “Nasi Babu” is ‘nyaman’ sampai ada Doctor pun ‘kaut’ 3 times.
I maybe will be posting the “Nasi Babu” next time.

For now let me introduce you “Laksa Babu”. A savoury white noodle laksa completes on a thick delicious gravy of a right sweet sour taste serve with a right simple secret garnish proportion.You will be saying “Hmmmm…” right after it laids on your tastebuds.

Minimum order is 30 packs.Booking 36 hours in advance is appreciated.
Serve: 30 to 35 people. Good for Birthdays,Family gathering(Hari Raya Open House), or any other joyful occasions.

B$3.30 per pack.

B$3.30 per pack.

Feel free to email me or leave comments on my blog for orders.

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Still enjoying Hari Raya atmosphere.

I am still enjoying the Hari Raya atmosphere, while i am still onleave.hehehe.Yesterday we visited 5 houses,relatives that we seldom met and few good friends.

Aunt Dk Murah and Nini's place in Katok

Aunt Dk Murah and Nini's place in Katok

Maya,Ka Jazz and Poinz.Mum loves Ka Jazz's food.

Maya,Ka Jazz and Poinz.Mum loves Ka Jazz's food.


I bet everyone knows our Friendly Maya 🙂

With Mimi Rahzia.

With Mimi Rahzia.

Girls who knows fun.

Girls who knows fun.

With "Mimi" and "Dato Puteri" at Dato H's residence.I know my facial expression is funny.ehe!

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I am surprised.

Today i found out my sis do own a blog!LOL!I surely cudnt believe it myself.I didnt expect she would have one.There she post few of my pics.Gosh!I look so fat. (Does that mean i really have to slim down now?)LoL! And No i wont tell who she is now but yes in future.

Ill be posting some photos of raya here.but not tonite.but Insya Allah tomorrow.Let me do some scrapping first.hehe.

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Its 4:42am and i am still awake.Im not tired and i am not sleepy.Ehe!Im on leave so why worried.
I have been reading blogs link to other blogs.Here i am trying to post what is in my mind.
First,I cant decide,which photos to be scrap.Second,I have my books waiting for me to read, which i have bought them since 2 weeks ago.Now, im planning to get another one which it will be 4 altogether.ehe!

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Killing the boredom.

Last night we were just having fun during the wee hours.Hhehehe.Yea..Im on leave so…regardless with or without my flu.I will still give a pose.LoL!

Do you think this tudung will look good n protect my head at the same time?lol.

Gurls, you giving me a great headache here.LoL!

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Apologies for not updating my blog, i hope you would understand due to Hari Raya open house, not to mention visiting and visited by family and friends.

But this is it, i am updating my layouts.That keep me so busy for the whole Ramadhan.
I made a “Travel Album”, for my aunt.This is my 1st time granting a request from my family members exclude my younger sister.I never make a travel lo for myself, and this is my chance making one for her.

The first page….”Italy”.I added the prima crystals at the last for touch ups.

I used the scenic route p.p. as it is match with the snowy background.

This is my first LO that i created .I am glad this is one of her favourite layouts,it looks simple but making the chipboard swirl…really takes alot my time.

I dont fancy this layout as well.Both pictures are contrast, i was out of idea already and out of time.

I adjusted this LO, i put alot of flowers and stickers earlier on.But i decided to take it all of and just put glitzs here and there and pop-up butterflies

She loves this LO too.Heheh she likes one of my LO which i used the same paper but i decided to add more flowers here.Since the title is already in the picture, it give me ease for adding more flowers.

Yes, i love pop-ups!I combine the dull background and the bright colours.

I used this paper coz i think it really match with HongKong Disneyland which is bright colours.

I was worried about the title.I decided to used the glittering chipboard.hehehe.

A hidden journal tag at the same layout.

This is the least fav LO of the whole album for me.Webster’s pages is the hardest for me to play with.It took alot of my time how to design and play with it.Alhamdullilah.I am happy with the result.

This one is my aunt’s favourite among of all.I used spray mist here on the background.I sprayed it behind, but it wudnt give me an excelent result until i pull out the LO by myself and touch the page.

Here i used the spray mist as well at the background….I love the excelent outcome.I dont think, you can see here from the picture.But who ever has bought the spray mist, its an lovely thing to try it out!

Nope…No spray mist here.Hehehe

Finally the last page….Enjoy everyone..!:)

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