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I am moved to————;) You know where to find me.heheheh


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Still unfriendly

I am trying to post photos in here.I tried different ways but my blog antah…… ever since upgrade it is not that unsmooth anymore.

I dont see any difficulties with other wordpress users.Maybe my lappy?I dunt know.

I have sent email to the contact support.I just have to wait and see now.

Im thinking of switching to another blogspot….I dunt know..maybe…huge possibilities tho.

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Nice but incomplete me.

WordPress users.Need help!

I wanted to upload a photo “Linked ” via URL.(WordPress users would know this)

And normally everything works fine.
But after this new 2.7 version uploaded today.I cant upload any photo from linked URL.

I did try to search for ” support and help columns” but nothing help me.

After completed the required URL link and clicking the button
“Insert to Post”.(Reload).

It just unhighlighted the “Insert to Post” button.

Eish…. im so upset.I got tagged by Shebabe, and i wna continue the tag.:(

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Congratz to…………………

Congratz to VIV!!!!

For winning the Amazing Scrapping Race at SC.




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Are you ready?;)

Sorry about lastnight, too tired.I still dont feel having enuff sleep.
But im so excited uploading the pix.hehehehe.

That Sunday was awesome!I came along with great scrappers too Jacky was very helpful and open.Maya?Who wouldnt know her our warm friendly fren.Janiah who is nice person too.Aww… Emily, our well-known local talented scrapper was there too.Not forgetting Hilda, Jamilah,Yati and others…

I Lurvvvveeeeeeeee “Lia’s Gorgeous Album”!!

With Lia's Class

With Lia's Class

And I lurvvvvvee my lucky draw prize!!It really made my day..:D

Ek Success Pink Tool Bag

Dont you just like this?Ehe!

Dont you just like this?Ehe!

I stood up on the chair and dance “Macarrena” along with a different music for 30 secs(seems like 1 min tho), just to get the rest of the goodies.hehehe.

At Sharon’s class, this is what i make…

Vintage Dress Form



And a another lucky draw again from Sharon’s class….Yeay!!Hehehe!



and freebies from her and SC too!! 🙂 And how would you think i did not have great day.

With Emily.

With Emily.

Am i giggling with Lia?

Am i giggling with Lia?

With Sharon.

With Sharon.


Still smiling even its after 10 pm. 😀

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Hi loyal readers, im very to disappoint you…I will be only posting tonite…

I just come back from family gathering, its was a late notice.

And i promise to post few projects that i made recently…

Its already 12 30 am, i need to get my rest…..Im waking at 7 am.

Goodnite everyone……

Stay Tuned….

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Wow!!I had great time in SC today.
The class was marvelous!!
Gooossshhh!!It was so fun!!! I really had a great time there.It really really made my day and boost my “scrapping mood” energy.

I love the Lating Album from Lia.Its sooooooo………….super lating lawa gorgeous!!!

And I love the vintage techniques that was taught by Sharon.
It is soooooooo…….Marvelous,Beautiful,Gorgeous!!!

(I am already out of words)

They both are really fun, friendly, open and generous in sharing not just techniques but the give aways too.

Would you believe, if i told you i would stand up on the chair and dance with the music infront of the class??
Yess i did!!!

And the lucky draw?
It made my day!!!

I have so much to share.


Stay Tuned……..

Ill be posting again tomorrow……….

Very tired now….:D

Goodnight.Sweet Dreams!

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