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Are you ready?;)

Sorry about lastnight, too tired.I still dont feel having enuff sleep.
But im so excited uploading the pix.hehehehe.

That Sunday was awesome!I came along with great scrappers too Jacky was very helpful and open.Maya?Who wouldnt know her our warm friendly fren.Janiah who is nice person too.Aww… Emily, our well-known local talented scrapper was there too.Not forgetting Hilda, Jamilah,Yati and others…

I Lurvvvveeeeeeeee “Lia’s Gorgeous Album”!!

With Lia's Class

With Lia's Class

And I lurvvvvvee my lucky draw prize!!It really made my day..:D

Ek Success Pink Tool Bag

Dont you just like this?Ehe!

Dont you just like this?Ehe!

I stood up on the chair and dance “Macarrena” along with a different music for 30 secs(seems like 1 min tho), just to get the rest of the goodies.hehehe.

At Sharon’s class, this is what i make…

Vintage Dress Form



And a another lucky draw again from Sharon’s class….Yeay!!Hehehe!



and freebies from her and SC too!! 🙂 And how would you think i did not have great day.

With Emily.

With Emily.

Am i giggling with Lia?

Am i giggling with Lia?

With Sharon.

With Sharon.


Still smiling even its after 10 pm. 😀


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Hi loyal readers, im very to disappoint you…I will be only posting tonite…

I just come back from family gathering, its was a late notice.

And i promise to post few projects that i made recently…

Its already 12 30 am, i need to get my rest…..Im waking at 7 am.

Goodnite everyone……

Stay Tuned….

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Knackered but surprise,surprise.

I felt like a walking zombie today.Im a person who is difficult answering “No” to people espeacially close ones.And this is bad!!

Last night,I foolly accepted my aunt’s scrapping request around 8ish.Completing 3 LO and to be submitted today.Ahakz!I expect this would come from her but i never thought it would be real.

Is this a good scrapping accomplishment or just a “memberi sasak thing” on a last minute request.
I only managed start at 10 ish last nite,where did the 2 earlier hours go.Antah.

Browse and browse tru the net looking for inspiration.Think and think, what should i do with one 1 PP and 6 photos.Shall i use my cardstocks and sacrifice my pretty PPs?How does she want went she said “antam saja”?

I only decided to use the simplest tactic and the shortest way to finish these 3 LO after 12 ish.Using “antam sajalah” tactic that were suggested by own aunt it is just not me.I thought my creations was boring and bad but after 1 am, i just couldnt care more enuff on the LOs but my spinning head.

Ignoring my “sarang semut” scrapping desk this morning, i came very late to the office.I was worried with my creations.Worried of the comments that will be given by my own colleagues and also my boss.
Im a bit surprised when few of my colleagues said that it is nice.I was “huh?”.And i thought they were just being nice to me.

I was even surprised when my aunt is happy and like my LOs.So does her colleagues, they were laughing with the 7 gypsies quotes that i stick next to her picture.Surprisingly, they like it.

Well, thats all wat matters to me.I never thought anyone would give a “so-so positive” comments on a last minute LO.

From now on, im gona buy alot of PP which is just ready “to be stick and go”.Just incase another last minute request came in.Too bad i didnt take any photos of the 3 horrible LOs.If i got to see it tomorrow again.Im gonna snap it and no, no, no….I am not gonna post it here.

Well tonite, instead im continuing my mini-album.Ill just read my book and rest…


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Yeay!Its Saturday….

As i said yes to Viv (ehe!I hardly update here whatever i bought)..on what im getting for myself from SC,Ikea and Haus.Not so much, actually, just itsy bitsy bitz.I didnt manage go to Ikea today.Maybe tomorrow heheheh.Sorry Viv! hehehe….

First plastic bag.


Second plastic bag.ehe!

The last plastic bag..ehe!

Few items that i bought for myself, two “Pebbles Neckroll” and one Bungee card ease.And here is a creation that took me alot of times cancelling and making a new one which im submitting soon.
Enjoy…. :)!


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I miss creativity….

Finally i got the chance to post for this week.Alot of things actually are in my mind. Future career, life balance ,financial, studies ,organization, life balance…

When i browse few scrappers’s blog, looking at thier beautiful pieces of art.Then i realise i miss scrapping.
I miss my toys.I miss holding and making my crafty(so called) things.
I pack most of my scrapping toys in boxes since 2 weeks ago,so just it will look organize.Now i began to miss the passion of scrapping.

Shabby’s has new arrival.Scrap Delight are having good discounts.hehehe.Its true what they say, I cant quit scrapping, its what i love doing.heheh.I guess people knows it well.Maybe slow down abit as what all of you said.But not quit.

Thanks guys.You know who you are 😉

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I am surprised.

Today i found out my sis do own a blog!LOL!I surely cudnt believe it myself.I didnt expect she would have one.There she post few of my pics.Gosh!I look so fat. (Does that mean i really have to slim down now?)LoL! And No i wont tell who she is now but yes in future.

Ill be posting some photos of raya here.but not tonite.but Insya Allah tomorrow.Let me do some scrapping first.hehe.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Apologies for not updating my blog, i hope you would understand due to Hari Raya open house, not to mention visiting and visited by family and friends.

But this is it, i am updating my layouts.That keep me so busy for the whole Ramadhan.
I made a “Travel Album”, for my aunt.This is my 1st time granting a request from my family members exclude my younger sister.I never make a travel lo for myself, and this is my chance making one for her.

The first page….”Italy”.I added the prima crystals at the last for touch ups.

I used the scenic route p.p. as it is match with the snowy background.

This is my first LO that i created .I am glad this is one of her favourite layouts,it looks simple but making the chipboard swirl…really takes alot my time.

I dont fancy this layout as well.Both pictures are contrast, i was out of idea already and out of time.

I adjusted this LO, i put alot of flowers and stickers earlier on.But i decided to take it all of and just put glitzs here and there and pop-up butterflies

She loves this LO too.Heheh she likes one of my LO which i used the same paper but i decided to add more flowers here.Since the title is already in the picture, it give me ease for adding more flowers.

Yes, i love pop-ups!I combine the dull background and the bright colours.

I used this paper coz i think it really match with HongKong Disneyland which is bright colours.

I was worried about the title.I decided to used the glittering chipboard.hehehe.

A hidden journal tag at the same layout.

This is the least fav LO of the whole album for me.Webster’s pages is the hardest for me to play with.It took alot of my time how to design and play with it.Alhamdullilah.I am happy with the result.

This one is my aunt’s favourite among of all.I used spray mist here on the background.I sprayed it behind, but it wudnt give me an excelent result until i pull out the LO by myself and touch the page.

Here i used the spray mist as well at the background….I love the excelent outcome.I dont think, you can see here from the picture.But who ever has bought the spray mist, its an lovely thing to try it out!

Nope…No spray mist here.Hehehe

Finally the last page….Enjoy everyone..!:)

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