Sharon N Lia in Brunei!

I was getting myself few Christmast PP for my next project.I was wondering who are the ladies sitting at the scraping table at SC.

Then i recognize Sharon and Lia.hehehe.They must be surprised when i said “Hi” to them but i walk away( seriously i am that “pemalu”) to the counter to pay my purchases.



Knackered but surprise,surprise.

I felt like a walking zombie today.Im a person who is difficult answering “No” to people espeacially close ones.And this is bad!!

Last night,I foolly accepted my aunt’s scrapping request around 8ish.Completing 3 LO and to be submitted today.Ahakz!I expect this would come from her but i never thought it would be real.

Is this a good scrapping accomplishment or just a “memberi sasak thing” on a last minute request.
I only managed start at 10 ish last nite,where did the 2 earlier hours go.Antah.

Browse and browse tru the net looking for inspiration.Think and think, what should i do with one 1 PP and 6 photos.Shall i use my cardstocks and sacrifice my pretty PPs?How does she want went she said “antam saja”?

I only decided to use the simplest tactic and the shortest way to finish these 3 LO after 12 ish.Using “antam sajalah” tactic that were suggested by own aunt it is just not me.I thought my creations was boring and bad but after 1 am, i just couldnt care more enuff on the LOs but my spinning head.

Ignoring my “sarang semut” scrapping desk this morning, i came very late to the office.I was worried with my creations.Worried of the comments that will be given by my own colleagues and also my boss.
Im a bit surprised when few of my colleagues said that it is nice.I was “huh?”.And i thought they were just being nice to me.

I was even surprised when my aunt is happy and like my LOs.So does her colleagues, they were laughing with the 7 gypsies quotes that i stick next to her picture.Surprisingly, they like it.

Well, thats all wat matters to me.I never thought anyone would give a “so-so positive” comments on a last minute LO.

From now on, im gona buy alot of PP which is just ready “to be stick and go”.Just incase another last minute request came in.Too bad i didnt take any photos of the 3 horrible LOs.If i got to see it tomorrow again.Im gonna snap it and no, no, no….I am not gonna post it here.

Well tonite, instead im continuing my mini-album.Ill just read my book and rest…


Tagged-50 Qs!

Got tagged by Renoa!

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair… just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 5 people to do this

I am tagging……

Just took this pic right before i come into my room.


1) Where and when was your last kiss?- This evening @home by one of (lady) guestlist.
2) What color underwear/boxers/thong wearing now? LoL!ermm you choose: Green, Red, Blue?Hhehehe
3) What are you listening to right now?- European SPA
4) Whats your favorite number? 8
5) What was the last thing you ate?- Nasi Bungkus Mama
6) When was the last time you smiled?- 20 mins ago when we were posing.
7) How is the weather right now?- Fine.
8) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?-Fathin
9) What is your worst habit?- Changing my mind every 5 seconds.
10) Do you drink?- Yes, alot of water and ice milo on weekdays.
11) Do you dance?- Ehehe not anymore.
12) When was the last time, if ever, you blacked out?- Few years ago.
13.) Girlfriend/Boyfriend?- Girlfriend alot..Boyfriend?Hunting.LoL.
14) Your Hair color?- Black brown.
15) Eye Color?- Black
16) Do you wear contacts?- no
17) Favorite day?- Saturday
18) Favorite Month?- Nil
19) Have you ever cried for no reason?- No reason?maybe no..but overly sensitive yes.
20) What was the last movie you watched?- Madagascar 2
21) Favorite Day of the Year?- My birthday.
22) Are you too shy to ask someone out?- aha!yes!
23) Last advice you received?- “sshh!jangan bising”
24) What was the highlight of your weekend?- A crew production doing a shooting scene in my bedroom!
25) Chocolate or Vanilla?- Chocolate
26) What is the last text message you received?- “fren,lupa bagi you d wire”
27) What is the last text message sent?- “Besoklah fren me singgah rumah you”.
28) Who was the last person you call?-“Amit midah”
29) What was the last sports game you watched?- does dancing consider a sport game too?
30) When was the last time you slept in someone else’s bed?- i dunt know.2 yrs ago?
31) Favorite movies?- Once
32) Favorite football Team?- Manchester
33) What were you doing before this?- Smiling and greeting the guest.
34) Any pets?- no.
35) Favorite Drink?- White Chocolate Dream
36) Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?- Butter.
37) Dogs or cats?- Nil
38) Favorite flower?- Lilies.
39) When was the last time you got in trouble?-Few months ago.
41) Have you ever loved someone?- Aw yess…
42) Who would you like to see right now?- Not anyone in particular.
43) Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?- Have not seeing them lately.
44) Have you ever fired a gun?- I really wish so!
45) Do you like to travel by plane?- Yes!
46) What websites do you go to frequently besides friendster?- Youtube!
47)If you could be with anybody right now who would it be?- My good fren Fathin /Lee.
48) How many pillows do you sleep with?- tonight, 5 hehehe.
49) Are you missing someone?- Yes.
50) How was your day?- It was good, gurls day out shopping heheh.

Yeay!Its Saturday….

As i said yes to Viv (ehe!I hardly update here whatever i bought)..on what im getting for myself from SC,Ikea and Haus.Not so much, actually, just itsy bitsy bitz.I didnt manage go to Ikea today.Maybe tomorrow heheheh.Sorry Viv! hehehe….

First plastic bag.


Second plastic bag.ehe!

The last plastic bag..ehe!

Few items that i bought for myself, two “Pebbles Neckroll” and one Bungee card ease.And here is a creation that took me alot of times cancelling and making a new one which im submitting soon.
Enjoy…. :)!



I planned of going out tonite.But this fever, doesnt allow me to go anywhere but to my own bed where i should have good sleep and rest.But i end up blogging here.

Im starting have a bad cough now.Kacau nye… I planned to print some photos today and get myself some items from SC, Ikea and Haus.Aw well, perhaps tommorrow, Insya Allah.

I manage to make a LO for myself yesterdayy, its ready to be capture and post.I just dont have that time.

I have start decorating one small spot office wall with my scrapping stuff.Scrap a wall? hehehe Yea…just next to near to my spot area..

No one was interested, when it was just PP and Sizzix alpha cuts.
But after posting few photos and embelishments….
Dian and i realised that we have been receiving often visits from our colleagues looking at.. shall i say wall?hehe.

Today 19.11.08, its the very first time a production do a shooting at our very own humble home.Advantage?Mum doesnt need to go anywhere.hehe.

Signing off..Good Night everyone…..

I miss creativity….

Finally i got the chance to post for this week.Alot of things actually are in my mind. Future career, life balance ,financial, studies ,organization, life balance…

When i browse few scrappers’s blog, looking at thier beautiful pieces of art.Then i realise i miss scrapping.
I miss my toys.I miss holding and making my crafty(so called) things.
I pack most of my scrapping toys in boxes since 2 weeks ago,so just it will look organize.Now i began to miss the passion of scrapping.

Shabby’s has new arrival.Scrap Delight are having good discounts.hehehe.Its true what they say, I cant quit scrapping, its what i love doing.heheh.I guess people knows it well.Maybe slow down abit as what all of you said.But not quit.

Thanks guys.You know who you are 😉

What happen to Lating Panda?

Apologies for no updates lately…I hardly visit my blog now adays…I was so tired from work and so much things to catch up.I havent been scrapping.The last time went was when i wanted to create somting for WIC focusing on tearing and painting.its 90% done but im just so lazy to continue it.I bought few flowers from SC.But it is still unopened yet till today.

I was wondering lately if i should just quit from scrapping.
Did your eyes blink?

Yes, i said that.I dont know.I have lost my passion towards it.It takes up so much of my time and spending towards scrapping would be endlessly.heh!We know that.hehehe.

I still have alot of papers and stickers and few of tools which I havnt maximise yet.And i find alot of fun people which becomes not just as a scrapping fren but more to it…And i really appreciate this, i dunt feel like slipping this beatiful things away from me….

I still have my books which is unopened yet too.

And DVDs that i have not watch.hhehee.

Im looking on other things lately which i should have been settling it in my past time….
I dunt know maybe just my “seasonal” mood.

Lets see, whats gonna happen next.